Sunday, December 02, 2007

The weather channel says it is raining right now in Victoria. Yes, big white fluffy raindrops. I took a ruler outside and measured 7.5 inches of fluffy white rain.

December started out very white and wet for us here on Vancouver Island. It has been snowing solid for 2 days. I made a snowwoman, which I will post a picture of. Then, a snowwoman murderer, whom shall be known only as Joe the Grinch, backed his Jeep over the snowwoman last night when he and wife Karen left our poker party. I still believe it was revenge for less than honorable poker playing. We didn’t have six shooters so it had to be handled in other ways. Unfortunately, the snowwoman suffered the most! We had a good time, despite the heavy snowfall. We had enough food for 20 people. All of it fantastic. Heather, Karen and I did most of the cooking. It was all appy's. Darren was kind enough to drive my and Diane’s trucks up the hill this morning and park them so that we can be sure that we will get to work (and pottery class :J ) tomorrow.

We were supposed to meet Doug and Dixon this morning at Starbucks and mutually decided we were going nowhere. It a shame really because the best Christmas Craft fair on the Island happens today in Dean Park, which is quite a ways away.

So, I guess Diane and I will take a walk in the forest a little later. Maybe, have some mulled wine and watch a little American football.

Diane is calling me to start the fire in the wood stove so I will leave you with some pictures of the snow, I mean, rain.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Yeah, we have that fluffy white rain on the West Shore also. I ain't never seen no fluffy white rain before!! If it is doing anything now at 2:35pm it is rain. We have one casualty, that we can see - a wonderful 5 foot Japanese Maple in the front garden split three ways down the trunk almost to ground level, due to the heavy wet fluffy rain on the branches/leaves. I don't think we can save it, which is a shame - it was so cute and colorful. So, until next Sunday, enjoy your week!

West End Bound said...

Oh, Boy!! Snow - er, I mean rain - on Vancouver Island! Yippee!!

Looks like you all have hooked up with Doug and Dixon, too. The blogger family just keeps growing, doesn't it?

Ya'll stay warm and cozy . . . .

MSEH said...

Looks fabulous - thanks for the pics. We had 6-8" of the stuff here, too.