Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Pottery

Since so many people have requested that I post pictures of some of my art in pottery (:o) I thought I would put some of it on the blog. Diane is very sick, and is very disappointed in this turn of events for the holidays. She had planned to attend a party, throw a party, etc. It will just have to wait. I have cleaned, cooked, nursed and now I'm bored.


Fatanna(aka Montana our fat child)

Pencil holder for Diane with my signature lizard crawling up the side.

There you go, my first attempt at pottery.


West End Bound said...

Sorry 'bout Diane not feeling well. At least Nurse Mary is there to cheer her up.

Hey, your stuff looks great!

JoJo was especially intrigued with the "signature lizard". Her favourite pastime here here in Florida is chasing lizards around the yard and porch . . . .

MSEH said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing those pics! And, I hope Diane is feeling better soon!

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I hope your nursing is speeding Diane on her recovery. The pottery looks great!

We are hunkered down, surviving the first blast of wind and waiting for the next! OY!

We both wish you and Diane a Happy New Year!! We look forward to hanging out more in 2008!

Doug and Dixon (and Sydney and Bitsy)