Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Pottery

Since so many people have requested that I post pictures of some of my art in pottery (:o) I thought I would put some of it on the blog. Diane is very sick, and is very disappointed in this turn of events for the holidays. She had planned to attend a party, throw a party, etc. It will just have to wait. I have cleaned, cooked, nursed and now I'm bored.


Fatanna(aka Montana our fat child)

Pencil holder for Diane with my signature lizard crawling up the side.

There you go, my first attempt at pottery.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scout finally gets her hedgehog for Christmas!

Part 1
Happy Holidays to all!

Scout has already managed to identify and partially unwrap one of her Christmas presents. She brought the saliva-soaked wrapping paper with a stuffed hedgehog peeking out the end and dropped it at my feet. She stood looking up at me expectantly, wagging her little nub of a tail.

How can you be upset? The little things are the delights.
Love to you all.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Diamondhead Apricot Mousse

We lost our eldest baby on Thursday night. She had been with us for 14 years, almost 15. She was bred to be a show dog and after several wins in the ring, she told us she didn’t like it. So her career ended in the show and she became our pampered princess.

We called her our million dollar dog because she had been plagued with so many health issues through her life. Eye surgeries for entropian, back surgeries (she was paralyzed twice), eye laser surgeries, glaucoma, severe allergies, eye removals and several bouts with cancer. She overcame every one of these adversities and came back stronger every time. She was deaf because of the many ear infections common with Shar Pei’s. Many Veterinarians’ said she would have been put down by any other pet owner long ago. One Vet said he wished many parents took as good of care with their children.

It still doesn’t make it any easier or stop our doubts that we did not give her enough and make her life spectacular enough.

The trip to Canada was very hard on her. I was worried she was not going to make it. How do you cross the border and land with a dead child in the truck? But she made it and flourished up here. The allergies that ravaged her in Las Vegas went away. She loved to wander around her yard and smell the forest. The cooler climate brought her to life.

A tumor was discovered in her abdomen several weeks ago. A very, large tumor. After removal, the Vet said it was 8 inches in diameter. We had a biopsy done prior to surgery deciding if it was cancer, we would let her go and not put her through anymore trauma. The results came back that it was not cancer! But it needed to be removed or she would die a horribly painful death. Even considering her age, the lab report said the prognosis was good to very good for her survival and recovery.

We had to give her just one more chance.

We had seen her come back from much worse.

She came through the surgery but once in recovery her poor old heart just gave out on her. They resuscitated her 3 times before she just would not come back.

So it is with much pain and sorrow I post these final pictures of our baby when she was a pup. (And so were we) Notice the shirt Diane is wearing.

Cheers Moussie!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The weather channel says it is raining right now in Victoria. Yes, big white fluffy raindrops. I took a ruler outside and measured 7.5 inches of fluffy white rain.

December started out very white and wet for us here on Vancouver Island. It has been snowing solid for 2 days. I made a snowwoman, which I will post a picture of. Then, a snowwoman murderer, whom shall be known only as Joe the Grinch, backed his Jeep over the snowwoman last night when he and wife Karen left our poker party. I still believe it was revenge for less than honorable poker playing. We didn’t have six shooters so it had to be handled in other ways. Unfortunately, the snowwoman suffered the most! We had a good time, despite the heavy snowfall. We had enough food for 20 people. All of it fantastic. Heather, Karen and I did most of the cooking. It was all appy's. Darren was kind enough to drive my and Diane’s trucks up the hill this morning and park them so that we can be sure that we will get to work (and pottery class :J ) tomorrow.

We were supposed to meet Doug and Dixon this morning at Starbucks and mutually decided we were going nowhere. It a shame really because the best Christmas Craft fair on the Island happens today in Dean Park, which is quite a ways away.

So, I guess Diane and I will take a walk in the forest a little later. Maybe, have some mulled wine and watch a little American football.

Diane is calling me to start the fire in the wood stove so I will leave you with some pictures of the snow, I mean, rain.