Monday, November 12, 2007

It is Remembrance Day here in Canada. Diane and I have had the flu all long weekend. We are finally feeling semi normal today. Just in time to start the work week all over again tomorrow.

Diane has started a curling class. She really is enjoying the sport, so much so, that she has also joined a beginner’s league. I have yet to go watch her in the ring, but when I do, I will take pictures to post. Of course, now she must purchase the outfit that goes along with the sport. She say’s it is a lot of exercise.

I have begun a pottery class. We started out on the wheel last week and I made too rather plain looking bowls. I kept asking the teacher, “But what about a plate”. I felt like I was in an old episode of Monty Python when someone took a self defense class and the instructor said, “This is what to do if you are attacked with a Giant Strawberry” and “This is what to do if you are attacked with a bowl of sour milk” and the student kept asking “But what about a sharp stick?” Maybe this week we will get to the plate in pottery class.

We had a Halloween party at work and I wanted to include a picture of my co-workers. I came as an American Football Fan. I know it is lame and not a very far stretch. I really had nothing else. We sold off all that kind of foolishness before moving here. I do regret getting rid of my Elvis-In-His-Later-Years (read: fat) spandex bejeweled outfit.

We are still doing our walks although we have missed this weekend and last. We are branching out to others walking trails. I’ll include some pictures of the last walk at Matthiessen (sp?) Lake.

We are looking forward to the Holidays. We both have off the week between Christmas and New Year. I’ve arranged all my deadlines at work to be completed the week before. We are having an app’y party on December 1st. It will be our Christmas party. My work Christmas party is on December 8th and Diane’s is on Dec 14th.

Well, I will sign off for now as we are going to a Christmas Craft Fair this afternoon since it’s the first day we have not been tied to the washroom all day.