Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scout finally gets her hedgehog for Christmas!

Part 1
Happy Holidays to all!

Scout has already managed to identify and partially unwrap one of her Christmas presents. She brought the saliva-soaked wrapping paper with a stuffed hedgehog peeking out the end and dropped it at my feet. She stood looking up at me expectantly, wagging her little nub of a tail.

How can you be upset? The little things are the delights.
Love to you all.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Happy Holidays to you too! And love the Golden Compass/Tiger thing! I'll have to figure out how you did that. LOL!

West End Bound said...

How adorable!

Is Scout a new addition to the family, or is this a photo from the past?

Such a great shot!

Canada Calling said...

WEB Scout is our eldest pup now. She is almost 9 years old (1-2-2007). The picture is just a reflection of when she was a young pup.
VID I just answered the questions! And only once! I'm going to make Diane do it. See you guys and Sydney, tomorrow.

MSEH said...

Merry Christmas to you all!

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

LOL!! That is just too cute! Thanks for sharing.

West End Bound said...

The children opening their presents was too cool!!

Now we need video of the Mommies opening theirs . . . .