Sunday, January 28, 2007

I gave my resignation 2 weeks ago. This Thursday will be my last day working for the District. I have a whole pot of different emotions going on. Swirling into some kind of survivors-guilt soup. There really is no one that I know of who will be able to do for my department what I can do. So what, right? I guess. But there is an addictive part of me that likes to be needed and essential.

So Friday night, a group of co-workers met at the Texas Martini Ranch for some cocktails. The first half hour I was there, I just wanted to go home. But after the alcohol does what it does, I relaxed and had an interesting time.

People are scary-fucked-up sometimes. I told an ex-co-worker about my open house. She not only came and pretended she was interested, she stayed a long time and told me that she went through all my things, just looking. Okay. I feel a little violated. First of all, how does anyone who calls themselves your friend, justify going into your house uninvited and go rifling through your night-stand drawer? I’m not even going to address the “got a souvenir” comment that she made. I chose to believe it was a fresh baked cookie I left on the kitchen counter. I know I’m in denial. I informed the realtor of the whole incident.

Okay, here’s the thing. Some of the people I work with are so homo-phobic that I have never said anything about myself. I listen. I have learned more about what they really think than I ever would have if I had exposed myself. Just last Friday, one of them referred to a T.V. personality as Ellen the Degenerate. Now, this woman who made the comment believes herself to be a born-again-Christian. Why is it, all the born-again-Christians I know are usually the most hateful, judgmental and self-absorbed people you’d ever want to met? Is it a prerequisite? Or is it they need saving the most?

Just let me get through this week.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . . . .

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

A wonderful time was had by all this holiday season. We drove around and looked at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, loading 4 Jacks into the truck. Mousse, being deaf and blind, does not appreciate this holiday ritual so she spent Jack-Free time at home.

We spent quality time with family and friends on Xmas day. Brenda and Chris come for dinner. Leanne, Jack and John stopped by later in the evening. The food, company and conversations was wonderful. We discussed our move date, which is February 26th. We can change that date once.

^^^Jackster ^^^

We met with our realtor to re-list the house. He believes that things will start to pop after the New Year. This is what I think, as well. All it takes the right person(s) to see the house and want it.

The best part of the Holiday was New Years Eve. We started the day off by Bally's Sterling Brunch. We started at about 10:30am and left when they closed at 2:00pm. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Nerissa and Michael met us there. We arrived a little early, the limo driver couldn't believe how light traffic was on New Years Eve day. Prior to Michael and Nerissa's arrival Diane and I drank a bottle of champagne by ourselves at 10:00 in the morning.

New Years Eve was spent at the party hosted by our good friends Leanne and John. We had a fabulous time!!! We danced, ate and drank more champagne. Needless to say, my liver and I are taking a well deserved alcohol break.

As the pictures attest, it was great. We will miss our friends when we leave but we have promises that all will visit us.

Hot party go-er!