Sunday, January 13, 2008

Okay, it’s Diane’s turn.

Here are some shots of her on the curling ice. I can’t caption the pictures because I really don’t have any idea as to what she doing. I know there are rocks and edges.

You know you are used to Canada when 41 degrees seems like a balmy spring day. The weather has been very spring-like. On the campus where I work, I can even smell the flowers starting to bloom. The bunnies that run around campus are friskier than usual (new bunnies on the way?) and they come when I call them for their carrots. I enjoy them even if there are a lot of people in that neighborhood who would like to see them gone. They damage yards, fences and shrubbery. The bunnies didn’t ask to be dumped on the University campus.

We are planning a trip to Las Vegas this May. We are very excited about going. We will see old friends and enjoy the things there that we can not get up here. We have already booked our flight.

And now, for the bad news. My job has told me to basically forget about taking time off in August. I’m low man on the totem pole. Our anniversary this year is 08-08-08. We have been planning for several years to make this spectacular. We were going to go to the Okanagan for the summer wine festival. Drive through B.C. and stay little places along the way. So we are very disappointed that this may not happen. I will not know for sure until the end of this month. If the house sells in Vegas, I will just end my contract with the University on August 2nd. If not, I guess it will be on to plan C.
But, I don’t know what plan C is yet.