Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy B.C. Day! We are enjoying our long weekend. The weather is glorious at 79 degrees.

I do volunteering for the Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria. We are currently working on the Ross Bay Cemetery documenting the monuments. When Diane goes into town on Saturday mornings for her meetings, I usually go to the cemetery and do a little work. I have a certain row that is my assignment. There are very large trees all around. The crows gather in the trees above me and chatter, flapping their wings and watching me measure and draw. After my latest visit I had a dream that night when I went to bed. I dreamed a group of crows were talking to me. They explained that why they hang out at the cemetery is because they escort the spirits of the dead into their next life. (No, I never saw the movie/comic book “The Crow”.) I said, I thought that we were all connected to the people in our lives because of karma and being drawn together life after life? The crows said, No, it’s all random. It is who ever needs a spirit (they never used the word soul) and who ever is available. When the spirit leaves the body we show them the way to their new life. I might add that none of this is my waking belief system, which is what makes the dream so strange. And no, I don’t smoke anything illegal.

We had a lovely lunch at Brentwood Bay Seagrill Pub after shopping for veggies at the Saanich Fairgrounds Market. The view from our patio table was splendid.

Yesterday we went on a walk in Goldstream Provincial Park. It was lovely and very busy. Then, we were on our way home and noticed that the new 'Everything Wine' store had opened. OMG, they had some of our favorite wine from the States. Stuff we have never seen here. It is right down the mountain, so it is close and easy to get to. That is a good thing for our palates and a bad thing for our pockets.

I am told by Diane that I have to wait several more weeks before announcing her big news.