Monday, July 02, 2007

We had a great Canada Day bar-b-que. The little dogs got to enjoy their yard and frolic in the high of 82 degrees. I cooked most of the day and then didn’t feel like eating when all was said and done.
My birthday was great. We went to Oyster the 13th down at the harbor. It is a wine and oyster extravaganza. The wine tasting was from all the BC wineries. Oyster shucked, raw, bar-b-qued and grilled. We will go again next year.

We also went out to a farm and picked a flat of strawberries. That was great fun. I had to end up freezing some of them and they will eventually find a home in strawberry margaritas.

Diane bought me a Celtic design necklace from a downtown jeweler. It is beautiful. She also brought me home a lovely cake.

I went to a headhunter last week and took a barrage of tests. I scored very well. The good new is I have an interview this week for an office administrator with firm here on the west shore. So I will be brushing up on my answers to the most commonly asked questions.

We have a lot planned next weekend. We have a wedding, wine bottling and gay pride in Victoria. I will try to take video but definitely pictures.


West End Bound said...

Great pics, Ladies! Hope those strawberry margaritas are wonderful!

Enjoy Pride in Victoria. Both "drf" and I will be together for Vancouver's the first weekend of August.

Any word on the Vegas house??

Canada Calling said...

WEB - We are still waiting on the house sale. 3 potential sales have fallen through but realtors continue to set off our burglar alarm so we know that it is being viewed.
Fingers crossed and all that.

West End Bound said...

Hey, love the translation flags on the blog :)!!

The Korean translation was especially great . . . . .