Sunday, July 22, 2007

One week down at my new job. I am being shared between 2 different departments. Training & Safety, dealing mostly with the accident reports that the bus drivers or patrons submit. I only have worked there one day so far. Most of the week, I spent in the garage doing payroll. This is the kind of work I really love! The BC Transit has its own drama’s and politics (I never worked anywhere that doesn’t), but overall I’m in my element with the timesheet entry. It’s a little archaic (BC Transit admits) compared to the system I worked with in the states. Here you have to manually enter all the time sheets for the Mechanics by hand. Human error and all, it can be challenging. Especially, when several of the workers came into the office on Friday disputing their paychecks. Glad I didn’t do the time for that pay period. Although I am sure I will get my own fair share of questions/complaints.
Tomorrow, I am back to Training and Safety. This is a great way to check out an organization to see if there is any interest in working there fulltime. Part of me would still like a part-time job working in a wine makers shop. Our wine maker lost an employee this week. They are thinking of making it two 20 hour a week jobs instead of one 40 hour. I have a contract through the end of August, so I can’t jump ship and go work for much less hours and much less money. Aside from the fact Diane would not approve,. It just is not the right timing.
This weekend we went to Moss Street artists Paint-In. The great part is the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria offered free admission to the Rodin exhibit. It was a great exhibit on loan from B. Gerald Cantor collection. I’m currently wearing my souvenir t-shirt that says “I have seen the gates of hell . . .”
The Luminara took place later last night and we opted out of it because of the rain.
It’s raining outside right now. Yesterday, we had lunch at Spinnakers Pub. As we sat looking out the window at the fog and seal lions in the harbor, I realized that every other time in my life I have seen fog or sea lions, I have been on holiday. We keep having to pinch ourselves and we keep reminding each other, we really live here.


West End Bound said...

Come on now, girls: Stop pinching yourselves, you're gonna get bruises!

It is pretty unbelievable to be up here, eh? "drf" and I are looking forward to it. Even with the summer rain this week, I can't complain. Sorry the Luminara didn't work out, though. Let us know if you venture over to Vancouver for any of the fireworks or Gay Pride festivities . . . We'd love to see ya'!

Sounds like you are enjoying being back in the working world . . . That 20-hour wine-making thing sounds pretty good, though. Perhaps we can find something similar with our whacky-winemaker Murray.

MSEH said...

Good to hear from you! And, yes, you REALLY live there!!!;-)