Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's a beautiful day here in Victoria. This is the view of the sky from my deck. I call it the Ponderosa sky. I love this view.

Week 2 done at the new job(s). I have 5 more to go, unless they send me to another department, which they could do. One of the benefits of working for BC Transit is an unlimited bus pass. So Saturday, Diane and I took the bus into downtown. She had an appointment and I went shopping. We met up for lunch shopped a bit more and then took the bus back to the Langford park and ride. It is so much easier to take the bus versus find parking downtown.
And there is no stress to get back to your meter before it requires another loonie.

I have no news on the Vegas house yet. There is an open house today so we are holding positive thoughts about today being 'the day'.

Finally, we have tomato's on our vines. It just has not been warm enough until now. We planted an heirloom beefsteak-type tomato and it looks like little pumpkins all over the branches instead of tomatoes. i guess we will probably be able to pick the fruit in about a month.
I don't want to jinx anything, but I think by next week, I will have some big news to announce as far as Diane's job goes. There have been some major developments over the past week. So I will just throw that out there as a teaser. . .
Stay tuned!


West End Bound said...

You are such a Tease!! Guess that's why Diane loves you so:)

Since I haven't heard back, we're assuming you girls are not going to join us next weekend for fireworks and Pride . . . . Sniff, sniff. Maybe next year???

MSEH said...

I was going to write, "Oh, you tease," but I see web beat me to it! Looking forward to the news.