Saturday, April 05, 2008

I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to talk about our trip to Seattle over the Easter holiday. We had a wonderful and restful time. We didn’t worry about the B&E since we hired a house sitter. Everything was fine when we got home.

We went to help celebrate our friend Glenn’s birthday. We felt quite at home and like family with Glenn, Clara, Leslie and Leo. We enjoyed spending time with the wonderful house pets, as well.
I must now admit that the fine drinking and dining in Seattle almost made me cry it was so wonderful. I won’t go on and on about the comparison between Victoria and Seattle when it comes to the prices, but I could. Oh my gosh! If I could find a way to have a case or 2 of the McManis that is only $7.99 per bottle at Cost Plus, sent media mail through the post office I would! It was so wonderful to spend time with folks who love and appreciate wine as much as we do. Glenn always pulls out very special bottles from his closet (that Clara is not allowed to touch:) From the Leoville that was purchased in 1998 when grandson Leo was born to the Chateaux Margaux. We were spoiled by the fabulousness of it all. I already lust for my next trip to Seattle. If I lived on the mainland I’m afraid the trips would be much more frequent.

Then last weekend we went to the open house for Wild Arc. An organization that hospitalizes and releases back into the wild injured animals and birds. It was a great experience. The picture below is one of the success stories.

We are now preparing for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas. The weather here is starting to turn into spring. If you don’t count last week when it snowed, then hailed, then was sunny, then rained and snowed again. All of this, in the span of 1 hour. That is life on an Island!

At work our accounting department at work has joined a walking challenge sponsored by UVic. Our team name is the Beancounters. Our friend Heather and I have a personal bet for the month of April. Whoever has the most steps buys lunch. Right, Heather? Or is it the other way around? Can I use the I’m-old-enough-to-be-your-mother excuse if I lose the bet? It is fun. We wear pedometers all day long and log in our numbers everyday. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Well, I’d better go for now. I have a date with the treadmill before our doggie walk.


West End Bob said...

Glad to get the update, CC.

Sounds like Seattle, wine and you had a good time together!

As for the pedometer thing: Have you had any luck with an accurate one? I went thru three of them from the ""not-like-any-Sears-I-know" on Robson and none of them worked right. Any suggestions ? ? ? ?

Canada Calling said...

'As for the pedometer thing: Have you had any luck with an accurate one?'

I don't find any of them all that accurate either. I just look at the count as a ball park figure. The pedometer that the University sells can be viewed at It seems as good as any.

Hey I can tell that to Heather if she wins our bet, the darn things are not very accurate :)

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Sounds like you had a grand time in Seattle. I suspected you were there for the Easter weekend. And I hear ya on the weather issue - ain't it the truth!!?? We thought WI weather could change on a dime but the weather here has it beat hands down.

Good luck with your bet!

Bob said...

Thanks for the pedometer site, CC . . . .