Saturday, October 07, 2006

We are back from our trip to Canada and our short week at work.

First off, the report on our home in Canada.

We found our house in not exactly the same condition we left it in. A year and a half later - wear and tear does show. The renters had 3 cats (they told us all were de-clawed - we found out differently) there was some obvious damage to walls and molding. We were planning on re-carpeting the master bedroom anyway, so we are having that done before we make the move up. The fence looked good and was functional for the most part - but we are having a few minor things changed.

Victoria is really dry. No substantial rain since June. The grass in our yard is fairing okay. We are on a well, so we are not subjected to the restrictions on watering. So says our irrigation maintenance guy.

We spent much of our trip cleaning and doing chores that we really need to be in Canada to perform. We visited Home Depot and Rona and of course spent time at Costco. We were delighted with the growth in the highlands. Not just the Big Box stores but we now have PetsMart! Our Jacks will be very pleased about that. Most of the maintenance on the house besides cleaning was replacing burnt out light bulbs. We replaced about 30 of them, inside and out. I know, with a rental it could have been so much worse. At least we have our house back.

I have a tracking number for the 2nd medical that was sent to Ottawa on Tuesday. Everyone says that the time is drawing near once that hurdle is crossed. Now if we could only sell the house here in the states in a timely fashion.

We had a wonderful time with friends in Victoria. We had meals at the Fireside Grill, Brentwood Bay Pub and the Six Mile Pub. It was wonderful to see everyone again. We are all counting down the time until we are living in our house.

We met with our banker in Victoria, TD Trust. The exchange rate is frightening for the American in us and thrilling for our soon-to-be Canadian Permanent Resident status.

I took a picture from the master bedroom windows of frequent visitors to our yard. There is a rock hill just outside the master and the deer like to sun on the ridge. We can't wait to be there again.

Tonight we are meeting with friends to go to another Oktoberfest, this time at the German American Club. I will try to remember the camera so that I can take some photo's.

We talked to a new accountant in Canada and learned that we do not have to sell our house in the states before we go, as we thought. As long as we do not sell it for more than it is valued, we will not have to pay capital gains. If we do sell it for more than it is valued (not in this market!) we pay capital gains only on the amount over value. This little tidbit of information has changed the way we are looking at the whole moving thing. Diane has appointments with international moving companies over the next couple weeks to get estimates on the move.

The short work week was horrendous for both of us. It almost doesn't pay to go on vacation. You get bombarded when you get back. I'm still trying to catch up. Well hopefully tonight will help put the workweek behind us.

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