Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday, October 14th

I’ve been reading Life Without Borders and their first two weeks in Canada. There are ups and downs to this journey. I really hope Nick and Mason find jobs. I worry about the anti-American sentiment in the job market. That is my biggest fear for myself. I just want to be there. Today. Now. I will deal with it all when I'm there.

What an incompetent lab Canadian Immigration uses here!!! The first time, they lost both of our urine tests. We had to go back and take those tests again. This same lab does pre-employment drug testing. (Our urines could have been a real gift to someone trying to get employment.) Then, they couldn't find my second blood test. After 1 month, it has finally been located and the results overnighted to Ottawa. Now we wait. Again. Still.

The rain is coming down in sheets today. I wish it was out our windows in Canada I was watching the lightning. It will happen soon enough I guess. We have been interviewing moving companies. I budgeted for this on the high end and I'm delighted so far that the move will not come close to what I had speculated. That is good. We will need all the cash we can get to tide us over until we find employment.

We had a key person in our organization give their two weeks notice last week. Management says they will not fill the position (which would have meant a promotion for one of the rest of us). They believe the rest of us can easily absorb the work. Isn't that nice?

The rain is starting to ease up a bit. I know what I'll find at the end of the storm. It is just a matter of waiting things out. I can be impatient. I want it now. I want to be in Canada now. I want to be in our house now. I want to be looking out our Canadian window at the rain. I want the rainbow to be right over our backyard.

It will come when it is meant to come.

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