Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the 13th was a very good day for me. I had an interview for a permanent position doing the job I have been doing on a temporary contract basis. I wore the power suit and everything. I ended up being offered the position. I am the Senior Accounts Payable Technician and backup to the Supervisor at the University of Victoria. Of which I am very pleased. It offers a lot more security and benefits.

So, in celebration, Diane and I attended the wine and oyster festival at the Harbor Coast Hotel in downtown Victoria on the waterfront. It is our favorite annual event here in Victoria. They had 135 different wines available for tasting. Thank goodness, I only tasted the reds. The first oyster I ate, I felt a rock in and almost spit it into a garbage bin. Then as I rolled the rock around in my mouth it felt pretty smooth. Upon further inspection, I had found a pearl! A very small, but very lucky, Friday the 13th pearl.

Then on Saturday the 14th we hosted a Mexican Fiesta at the house. It was not surprising to find after several Margarita’s how much fun adults could have playing pin the tail on the donkey.

And, yes, there was a piñata. You can see the writing on the wall in the piñata photo. Half the contents were sprayed into the forest. Diane climbed down the hill, and threw the goodies up to us.

The highlight of the evening was Rock Band. This is the most fun game! Joe and Karen brought their Xbox 360 with the drum set, guitar and microphone.

This is the new addiction. Hours passed as we played and sang the songs. I know what I want to get next!! Add a few drinks, very few inhibitions, and great party people and voila you are a rock band. It is not as easy as it looks. But OMG, how much fun it is!

Well, it is another shitty day in paradise. About 75 degrees, sunny and gorgeous! I think I will go out and enjoy some of the sun before its back to work (my new job!) tomorrow. Next weekend is my birthday, so I get to take Friday off. A short week ahead and another spectacular weekend coming up! (I sound a little happy and like I’m enjoying life.:)


West End Bob said...

I sound a little happy and like I’m enjoying life.

You really do, you know.

Ain't life grand here in Paradise ? ? ? ?

Toma said...

Wow, congratulations on the new job! Sometimes temporary assignments are the best way to get your foot in the door. It's like on-the-job interview for the both of you.

We would have done the wine-oyster festival, job or no job, it sounds like a blast!

Ahh, I remember pin the tail on the donkey. Bet that is funny all grown up and tipsy.

Are those pink flowers in your yard?
They look like the blooms in the test gardens of the old Park Seek Company in SC.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Wow, lots of happenings. Congrats on the job and the pearl!! What luck is THAT???

And an early Happy Birthday from both of us!!