Sunday, October 14, 2007

(Belated)Happy Thanksgiving!

Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends Heather and Darren. Darren rotisserie cooked the turkey and it came out fabulous!

We had all the fixings and plenty of wine to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in Canada.

It somehow makes more sense to me to have Thanksgiving before Halloween. You have the cornucopia with all the bounty of the harvest first and then the dead scary bundles of cornstalks later.

These are some pictures of the day. I know you will be able to tell what a good time we had by the laughter and smiles.

Diane had a big important lunch with the owner of her global company. She wore a blue pinstriped suit and looked very nice. She said it was very pleasant and she got on with him very nicely.

We are continuing our 7k walk on a weekly basis. We took Montana and Majik today. Heather brought her boxer, Jackson and Ann brought Westie Maggie and houseguest Westie Wilkie. The weather is beautiful with crisp autumn in the air and maple leaves turning every shade of yellow to red. Some leaves are as big as your head. Ann pointed out the eagles nest on the walk. It looks about 4 feet in diameter. No signs of eagles now, but Ann says they have used the nest for several years.

We bottled wine again last night. This time a California Zin. Right now the wine count in our cellar is about 623 with another 120 in the works. Diane says the goal is to have about 1000 bottles on hand at all times. Okay. If anything ever happens to us, Heather and Darren are directed to come and get the wine first thing. We have a small cellar and a large underbelly in the basement that we store the wine in.

Work is work. Some days are better than others. It is very nice to have a paycheck to help support our house in the States. When it sells, we will re-evaluate the whole working fulltime thing for me. This is a lot of house to try to keep up with on the short weekends alone.

That is it for now. I’m off to shop online with L. L. Bean, who is offering free shipping to Canada for a limited time.


Anonymous said...

well... im glad that Darren and I are in charge of the 1000 bottles of wine... were you sober when you made that decision?? :P

MSEH said...

Glad to know that I will be able to watch out for the free shipping! That, or drive down to Maine, I guess!

Sounds like you guys are doing great! Glad to hear it.

West End Bound said...

Hey, Girls,

Sorry this is a "late" comment - I was out of internet contact last week.

That 1,000 bottles on hand at all times sounds GREAT! "drf" and I will help you keep the inventory down . . . .