Sunday, September 09, 2007

Great Canadian Beer Fest 2007

We had a good time at the festival. There were vendors from all over B.C. and some from the States. We met a couple who had come all the way from Massachusetts to be at Beer Fest. We talked to them for a long while and exchanged emails. They are very unhappy with the current state of affairs in Georgie-Land. They were dismayed by the fact that Canadians have commented that American’s voted him into office. We all agreed that W was not elected by the American public, the election was stolen. Then we drank some more beer.

This is my “I’m-buzzed-what-time-is-it?” captioned photo

Then we have Diane-has-had-too-many-Scottish-Ales.

We took public transit all day. It was a little too hot for us at 82 degrees. We are very fond of the milder climate up here.

Today, the first NFL Sunday of the season, we have joined a football pool back in Vegas. Diane actually started it when she worked at her old engineering firm in Las Vegas. We will see how well it goes. So far I’m not looking that good.

Now for the good news – I’ve accepted the position with University of Victoria as Senior Accounts Payable Clerk. The pay is pretty good but the traffic and parking is atrocious. I may end up taking the bus from Langford Park and Ride. I will have to see how it works out for me. To start out I will probably drive. I start on September 17th. I did have high hopes for taking the month of December off, but probably not now. My main function is back-up for the Accounts Payable Supervisor, so I’m sure my holiday times off desires are down at the bottom of the seniority list. It is a Union position.

Well it another beautiful day at the most beautiful place on Earth, so I’ll get out there and enjoy it! This a photo of my biggest tomato, so far. And a little visit from a tree frog.


West End Bound said...

Pretty warm weather for you up there today. Guess you won't be burning any of the firewood you have gathered, eh?

Glad to see you were able to take public transit to enjoy the imbibing . . . . Much preferred to a DWI!

Now you're both in the working world. So much for free time. :)

MSEH said...

Nice to hear from you! Congrats on the job. We're still waiting for the "Diane news." ;-)

Take care!

Canada Calling said...

WEB - It is 94 degrees today! Almost record breaking! No fireburning on the menu right now.

MSEH - Thanks for the congrats. Diane's big news was in my last post.

MSEH said...

Argh! The one post showing thing fooled me - I missed the previous post. Please pass on my hearty congrats to Diane! I'm sure more good news is coming your way!

john said...

Hey Ladies!
Mary, congrats on the new job. Sounds like a good one, other than the commute.
Looks like the beerfest was a blast, I'm sure the Scotch Ale didn't hold a candle to mine...
On the topic of football season, you know L and I feel there's no other sports until the last week in October. Until then it's BASEBALL season!! Love and Miss you, both. J,L&J

Canada Calling said...

Thanks John! Glad to see you left a comment! Another week of bad football picks awaits me . . .