Monday, June 11, 2007

It is June 11th and it is 47 degrees outside at 8:30 in the morning. I’m still wearing sweatshirts and jeans. Last week, when it got up to 83 degrees, I thought it was too hot and just wished for the cool rainy temps. In Las Vegas right now it is 86 degrees which is cool for them.

Our Realtor says that there is an interested party in our house. They have come back to view it 3 times. I hope that this is the one. Finding a buyer would really help us out in so many ways. Two mortgagees and all utilities for 2 houses gets to be a grind. I went to the Realtors web-site and cut a picture of the for sale sign out, edited it with a large red banner across the front “SOLD”. This is probably more effective than the St. Joseph statue. Visualization is a powerful tool.

Diane is settling into her new job. It is an adjustment for her. Not only is she now working in metric, but she has the building codes of our new country to learn. She is out of her comfort zone for sure.

I continue to job seek. I had an interview on the 4th and just learned last Friday that I was not selected. It was one of the nicest rejection phone calls I have ever received.

“We regret to inform you that the position has been filled. We would like to encourage you to keep watching the job web-site because we think you would fit in very well at the University and we feel that there is a job here for you." (Read: just not this one)

So on we go. It has actually been very good that I have not started a job full time outside of the house before now. I have been very busy with appointments from service contractors, veterinarians, tour guide duties, carpet cleaning, grounds maintenance, etc. Diane used to handle a lot of these things in the States because of her position and flexibility to take off work when it was needed. That is no longer possible. She takes public transportation to work, (gas prices have just dropped from 122.9 per liter to 112.9) parking in Victoria is ghastly expensive and not easy to find. Parking can cost between $95 and $150 per month. The monthly bus pass is $72.

Another thing I appreciate about our new home other than it being the most beautiful place on earth, is recycling. You are limited to the size of a trash bin you can use but recycling is unlimited. As much cardboard, paper, plastic and glass that you can put out, they will take. This is probably not news to most of you, but to us coming from eco-enemy Las Vegas, it is refreshing.

Oh, and as an aside, we went to the First Unitarian Church of Victoria on Sunday. It was really nice to be amongst like minded folks. We already have an invitation on Wednesday evening for tea at one member’s home in
Metchosin, not too far from where we live in the Highlands.

All fingers crossed for our house to sell in Vegas. Then the next to sell will be swamp land in Florida for West End Bound:)

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West End Bound said...

From your lips to the Universe's ears, re: Florida swampland! (We don't even have ours listed as the market is still so dismal here. Which reminds me: There is a swamp area not far from our property that is named - no joke - "Dismal Swamp". Cheerful thought, eh?)

We would kill for your 47 degrees - My car thermometer registered a nice round 100 on my trip to "downtown" @ around noon. It's now down to a cool 93 at 3:30 pm.

Hope your job search goes well, and we're looking forward to our visit up there later this summer. I'll be there for all four of the HSBC Celebration of Light fireworks shows if ya'll are coming over - Quite a show!