Thursday, May 03, 2007

There have been a lot of markers in our progress toward becoming residents of Canada. First we became landed, and then we received our PR cards. Registering our vehicles and getting drivers licenses’ were very important steps. Diane getting a job was a huge hurdle that we successfully crossed. I think today, one of the most important milestones for me has occurred. Diane and I got our library cards! I had a wonderful time talking to the Circulation staff about everything from Millennium to differences in loan periods between Las Vegas and Victoria. We used the self check and it was very nice. Not like the white elephant we had in Vegas, if it was not out of service, it definitely was not convenient (you could not check out any magnetic material that could be erased or any material in locking cases). Today was a completely enjoyable experience.

Yesterday, I assembled our new barbeque grill. The box was so heavy we had to carry it piece by piece to the back deck where it now lives. In between the hail storm and the rain, I assembled most of it in the kitchen and then rolled it outside for the final touches. We are still amazed that there are no ordinances in this city against having a grill on a deck with either a floor or overhang above. We are learning new things about our new home daily.

Diane and I took a field trip into the city on public transportation to visit her new job. The bus is the only real sensible way to go. Petrol prices are not the only consideration, but traffic and the price of parking prompted this decision. It was really quite easy and fun. We looked around the bus and noticed that no one looked scary. No one was talking to themselves or someone invisible beside them. No one had urinated on themselves. I never once felt that I needed to clutch my belongings under my arm and wear a ‘Don’t fuck with me’ expression. People were generally kind, helpful and interested in our accents. Taking a bus in several metropolitan cities that shall remain nameless in the US would have guaranteed at least one of those experiences.

As I write this, Diane is downstairs watching the Vancouver Canucks play on T.V. Yes, hockey, my American friends has sucked her in. She even looked at jerseys today. She could not find one that would fit, but she was looking.
Our friends Heather and Darren got married in a secret ceremony. We are going to a reception for them next weekend. We wish them good wishes in their new life as husband & wife.

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West End Bound said...

What a great looking couple - Hope they'll be happy!

"drf" and I got our Vancouver Public Library cards over a year ago. You're right, it's a much improved system over our Florida one! They have more current issue-oriented publications than here in the States. Perhaps this is some indication of a more open-minded society? People actually reading rather than listening to Fox News? Hmmmmm . . .

As you know, my preferred mode of transportation is bus/rail and, of course, "fairy" to come and visit you girls!!