Monday, April 02, 2007

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground. Yesterday, there was a mix of flurries and rain in the morning. We took a drive to Metchosin and Sooke. There was not a lot to see, but it is a part of our area we had not been to.

On Saturday night we invited Wayne and Mark over to the house. They contacted us after reading our blog. They are 2 more Americans living in Victoria. They have been here a year. It was interesting to share similar and different experiences of the journey so far. We all agreed that the limited and pricey wine selections in BC are hard to get accustomed to. When we go to Seattle next month, I know what will be on our shopping list to bring back. Since DUI is a deportable offense here in BC we will be very careful to never drink and drive. Wayne brought up an interesting point in our conversation. On the goods to follow list, you have a year to bring those items across. Use you imagination on how that rule can bend.

We still own the house in Las Vegas and want someone to buy it today. As soon as that is complete, it will take quite a bit of pressure off of us. Our realtor says there have been some looks, but nothing serious. Come on buyers, buy it!

I had been filling up the bird feeder frequently thinking that these little winter birds are eating a lot of seed. Then, yesterday morning, I got up and snapped pictures of the real culprit.

We did have sunshine for 5 days. Here is another picture of our driveway. Once we get back to reality (read: work) I probably will not have as much time for walks and picture snapping.


West End Bound said...

Hey, glad you got to meet Wayne and Mark - will they be joining us on the 12th?

Yes, the wine and spirits prices up there are not very user-friendly, are they? Wine coming in from Washington is a bargain, but the hard stuff is no bargain there, either . . . .

So, you've answered one of our "queeries", re: how long for the Goods to Follow to actually follow.

More discussions when we meet next week - Looking forward to it!

I'm off to get ready for my flight up there today - Make sure the bad weather is at a minimum, eh?


MSEH said...

Re: Goods to Follow - that's not what I've been told. Guess I'll be doing some checking since we're not moving within 365 days of landing!

But, what I really wanted to post about were the deer photos. How cool!!!!

See you next week!

MSEH said...


In particular: "There is no time limit for importing goods to follow that were listed on your Form B4."

Whew! Will still look for it on the CIC site, tho!

Canada Calling said...
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Canada Calling said...

MSEH - It is so confusing all this conflicting info on goods to follow! If there is no limit on the time for goods to follow that really sparks the imagination!

WEB - Weather should be good although we have had snow flurries the last 2 days and frost on the ground this morning. Wayne may be able to meet us but Mark for sure has to work.

MSEH said...

Re: It is so confusing all this conflicting info on goods to follow!

Seems to be the name of the immigration game!!