Sunday, February 25, 2007

This will be my last post here in America:)

Thought you would enjoy a shot of our living room.

The movers come to pack the truck tomorrow. It is an 80' truck. The driver has 2 more pick ups and deliveries to B.C. We are the first pickup and last drop-off as the driver lives about 30 miles from us on the island.

The 4 packers came yesterday. They were nice people but I am sooooo glad I packed most of the valuables myself. All the oil paintings and Persian rugs (the rugs that were not room sized) I packed weeks ago. If you make this kind of move, I would suggest the same. Just watching how they packed glass table tops and shelving left me wishing I had done that as well. They did build decent crates for the antiques. I still did my own padding of the antiques prior to them arriving and am glad for that, as well.

Well, tomorrow night we sleep on the floor. When we wake, we will load our children into the vehicles and be off. Two years of planning, dreaming and hoping has arrived. We are both experiencing gastrointestinal difficulties. It will all be okay.

Talk to you on the other side.


West End Bound said...

We are SO jealous!!

Sleep tight tonight, and tomorrow night on the floor . . . The adventure begins leading to "Nirvana".

Post again from your new home.

Our good thoughts and wishes are with all of you!

MSEH said...

Well, whenever you see this - know that we were thinking about you! Safe travels and see you in April!