Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20th, 2006

I'm slow to find these Canada blogs . . .but here goes. My partner and I have been officially in the system since June 8 2005. We took our first round of medicals a month ago. Then 2 days ago, I received the brown envelope you can not open. Only the doctor can open it. It is a request for a further of medicals. I was totally stressed about it! L-Girl really helped to calm my fears. I just got back from the doctor (I took the whole day off from work) and all they needed was another blood test. It seems the first time around my blood pressure was slightly elevated (NO, ya think?) I am hoping that this will suffice and that we are on our way to Canada. Finally!

We purchased a home in Victoria, B.C. about a year and a half ago. The market is so hot there, that we were afraid if we waited, we couldn't afford the kind of property we wanted. We have rented it out for the last year and are going up next weekend to final out the renters.

We were married 2 years ago at the UU church in Victoria, BC. We have made some great friends there, including the minister that married us. One of the most surreal moments of my life was walking into the license bureau and getting the marriage license. Part of me was sure they were going to turn us away because we were 2 women. They didn't flinch. They were kind and offered us congratulations. We had been together for 14 years already at the time we were married. We look much different 2 years later.

I have already told my employer that I am leaving. Since I work for a large library district, we are government. They couldn't fire me. But I sure have noticed a change in my work assignments. Its the government. When they know you are leaving they 'dumb you down'.

My partner's employer (2 owners) cried when she told them we were leaving and why. They asked what they could do to change things. Both are staunch Republicans. So that opened up a fantastic dialog of ideas. She told them unless they could change the laws in America, there was nothing they could do. No amount of money they offered can change the freedom we will gain by leaving the United States.

So hopefully soon, we will pack up our 5 Jack Russell's (I know, what were we thinking) and make the move.

Our house is on the market here and the market is really slowwwww. I just have to hope the right person (s) will see it and want it as much as we did.


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